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I first met Enrida about 4 years ago at Triyoga for a colonic irrigation.. It was a treatment I had wanted to try for a while but wasn’t sure where to go. The staff at TY highly recommended Enrida.
From the moment I was greeted by Enrida I felt so comfortable, she is a very warm person, professional and has an ethical approach. We went through my medical history and then she explained the treatment to me before going ahead to make sure I was happy,
Enrida has changed my life, I suffered from bloating and discomfort and after a course of 3 sessions which was recommended by Enrida I felt a huge difference. Now I see Enrida at her lovely clinic in Ealing for maintenance sessions. Even after 1 session I felt the benefits but after 3 sessions I felt GREAT!
My husband also sees Enrida for colonic irrigation.

I highly recommend Enrida, she is an expert in her field and you wont be disappointed.

Melissa, 32y

Executive Assistant

As a Yoga Teacher, I maintain a healthy diet and a calm and positive mind. Yoga helps to eliminate and release stress, tension and mental clutter to maintain a happy body, mind and inner spirit however at times help is also needed to eliminate waste and tension and stress that can easily build up in and around the colon. This is where I turn to Enrida Kelly for my colonics. The treatment is a welcome break for the congestion that can build up within me when I get too busy working and teaching and not enough personal practice or resting .

I highly recommend Enrida, Her years of experience and knowledge makes her a very special hands on therapist.

You feel comfortable, safe and relaxed, an of course lighter, cleaner and energised.

Neeta, London

Yoga teacher

I suffered from terrible symptoms over a period of 3 years, seeking help from various practitioners, ranging from medical specialist, plus acupuncture etc. I have now been seen by Enrida and I have had the most amazing results. I no longer have terrible stomach cramping, diarrhoea or constipation. My energy levels are greatly improving and I am becoming a healthier, happier person again. The process is pain free and feels completely dignified. Enrida is a friendly lovely person and words cannot say enough as to how appreciative I am for giving me my life back. The additional post treatment guidelines means the results are on-going. I have lost 10 kg with changing my diet and following Enridas programme- it is life changing!

Thank you.

Liana T.

“Enrida and her treatments have been transformational to my well-being.

I was recommended to her by a good friend and was a little reluctant and nervous at first however she’s extremely approachable and was able to explain everything to put me at ease.

I’ve been a client of Enrida’s for over 7 years and find she’s both extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her as a therapist as you know you’ll be in very capable hands.’

Bhamina, 36y, Surrey

Management Consultant

Enrida came highly recommended and since seeing her for regular colonic treatments my emotional and physical health has increased beyond measure. Enrida expertise and knowledge is a game changer. She is so reassuring and extremely professional. Everyone needs Enrida in their life!
Shelley G.

Yoga Instructor

What can I say…

I had been suffering from a variety of negative symptoms relating to my diet which reflects my lifestyle of living in and working in London. Bloatedness, tiredness, trapped wind, hard stools; bad skin – the list is endless. I have had my first session today and it was fantastic! I won’t lie.. the concept was initially uncomfortable but once I relaxed, it got easier. I have taken my diet and lifestyle for guaranteed and I have been neglecting myself without even knowing it. Enrida is a great practitioner, she knows her stuff and she advises with care, without patronising. This has given me the wake-up call I need! I will be back for more and I look forward to taking care of me, in and out. Thanks a million Enrida!

Female, age 26, Harrow

As a mature student at university and working shifts to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise, becomes secondary. Quick fixes of caffeine and sugar takes preference, resulting in low energy levels, poor digestion, bloating and indigestion. My experience at the colonic clinic and the treatment given has revitalised me physically and made me aware of my choices. A very knowledgeable and experienced individual, able to answer any questions and give professional advice and recommendations in all aspects of the procedure.

Arthur B.

Enrida is always professional and discreet and always makes me feel extremely comfortable.
I have been visiting her on a regular basis for the past few years and I can honestly say she has changed my life.
Her knowledge is extensive and as a result of that and her treatments I now am far more healthier and aware of my body. Not only is my diet now way better, but I no longer suffer with bloating or constipation either.
The treatment throughout is relaxed, pain free and very effective.
The treatment itself leaves me feeling lighter, energised and glowing.
I have built a great relationship with Enrida over the years, she has taught me so much and really knows my body.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending anyone to use her services as she truly is the best!

Mandy, 30y

Estate Agent, Ealing

Enrida must be the top colonic specialist in London. I had an acute toxic problem when I first came to visit and had been struggling for a year with many approaches which made minimal impact. The first thing I noticed was that many aspects of my life improved that I had not anticipated. I did better at work and was more active socially. My physical symptoms made noticeable progress and I had a new mental clarity, which I hadn’t realised was a problem. I had seen a couple of other therapists and the top of this field but neither of them made the same personal and professional impact. Enrida has the whole package of manner, nutrition, training and intuition to get spectacular results.

Peter F. Age, 40

Recruitment consultant

I had been suffering from diarrhoea, cramping, bloating for over 6 years and a friend recommended colonic irrigation to me. After one treatment I noticed an immediate difference in my skin and friends also commented on how well I looked. Using the treatment , combined with the supplements and a change in diet has radically improved my digestive system. I am now regular for the first time in over 10 years and have finally achieved the results I was looking for. Enrida is a very lovely person to deal with and made the experience a lot less discomforting than I had perceived it to be.

Susan M.

I had suffered from constipation and IBS as long as I remember. Even the very first treatment has made an incredible change. As a woman I like my body slim and fit and this is one of the solutions for you ladies. Enrida is very professional, smart and highly experienced person. I’m most grateful for the way she’s treated me. Wishing Enrida all the best for the future.

Olga. 10/01.2007