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To enable us to welcome you back at the clinic, a new set of protocols has been put in place. We have been advised by our professional associations to screen clients before they attend our premises. This is done for you protection, the protection of our therapists as well as other clients, and to protect the vulnerable.

We have implemented a CLIENT SCREENING Protocol comprised of three steps.


Step 1

Complete, sign and email back the Covid19 Screening Form before your appointment

Step 2

We will contact you on the day of your appointment to check if anything has changed.

Step 3

Temperature recording. Upon arrival you will be greeted with a smile and an infrared thermometer. The temperature recordedmust be below 37.8C ( 100.04 F)

We have always taken pride on our beautiful and spotless clinic. As as a result of this pandemic, we have implemented additional stringent protocols following governments guidelines, to make our clinic a Covid Secure Space. It is required that everyone who enters our premises is aware of these protocols and follows them accordingly.

Some of the steps are as follows:

  • The consultation process will take place online, as a separate appointment, so that we avoid close contact as much as possible whilst preserving the quality of our treatments. Please note: This does not apply to Talking Therapies that are able to keep the 2 meter distance required.
  • You need to make payment in advance either by PayPal, online booking system or bank transfer, to avoid close contact with cash or card machine.
  • Your therapist will be wearing all the PPE required. We have available masks, visors, gloves and gown that are disposable. Everything else will be disinfected between every client.
  • There are going to be larger gaps between clients to avoid meeting in the waiting area. During this time the therapy room will be ventilated and your therapist will be conducting thorough disinfection of all surfaces in the treatment room and WC.

We will ask you to follow some guidelines as of following:

  • MASK. You may need to wear a mask during your time at the clinic. Feel free to bring your own but it must be fresh and unused. If you forget, don’t worry! We will provide you with the mask as they are now available at the clinic at £1.00.
  • HAND SANITISER. Always carry one for your own protection. We have plenty of hand sanitiser available at the clinic and you will need to use ours the moment you arrive.
  • WC. Please keep the door of the toilet facilities closed, but not locked, at all times. Before flushing the toilet, please put the lid down. We have put signs up to remind you. Follow up by using the products made available. Spray the seat with the antiviral spray provided and us the toilet paper to wipe it off. Remember to leave the window open for good ventilation.
  • DRINKING WATER. Please bring your own water bottle or other fluids.

The above applies to all clients whether they are coming for a colonic, massage, talking therapies or otherwise. Please note: Wherever possible please avoid using the WC at the premises as this increases the work load of each therapist.


Please walk, drive or cycle to the clinic if all possible and avoid public transport or close contact to anybody during your journey.

Sorry for the inconvenience all this may be causing you. Thank you for your understanding and collaborations. We are all responsible to protect the vulnerable at these unprecedented times. We would like to keep the experience here as enjoyable, relaxing and fuss free as possible, which is why we decided to share all our findings with you to give you time to process this simple but effective steps. Mindfulness and Knowledge is POWER.